V-4 Submersible pump set

  • Specification

    These pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps with redial or mixed flow impellers which operate submerged beneath the surface water, suitable for 100mm bore wells & above.

    The prime mover motor are wet type, water lubricated, water cooled, rewind able motor capable Of withstanding wide voltage fluctuations, specially designed thrust bearings are used that can withstand axial thrust loads with minimum wear & tear the pump shaft & motor shaft are rigidly connected by a coupling sleeve the stator is wound with special water proof bi-axially orienteer synthetic film insulated winding wires. Motor sealing is made by means of 'O' ring, oil seals to avoid ingress of well water into the motor.

    RESCO Submersible pump is a multistage centrifugal pump there are two type of pumps. The radial flow type for high head & low discharged and mixed flow type for high discharge & low head the pump bearing are water lubricated the suction inlet situated between the pump & the motor.

    Technical details

    Power Range

    0.5 HP to 2.0 HP
    (180v/240v, 50Hz AC Single Phase)
    1.0 HP to 5.0 HP
    (350v/415v, 50Hz AC Three Phase)


    2880 RPM

    Max. Discharge

    300 LPM

    Min. Discharge

    10 LPM

    Max. Head

    1000 Feet

    Per Stage head

    20 Feet

    Material of construction for pump

    Part name



    Noryl –GFN 2-701 Grade

    Bearing Bush

    Leaded tin bronze

    Pump shaft

    S.S. 431

    Strainer / cable guard

    Stainless Steel

    Suction / NRV

    C.I. cast iron

    Material of construction for motor

    Part name



    S.S. 431/ S.S.410

    Bearing bush

    Leaded tin bronze

    Thrust bearing

    Stainless steel & carbon

    Winding wires

    EC Grade silver touch

    Upper, lower housing, connection pitch & baize

    C.I. Cast iron


    CRNO M-45 Grade

    Special Features

    • 30% lower power consumption
    • Long durability due to non corrosive s.s. body.
    • Sand mud proof design.
    • Special design to with stand wide voltage fluctuations.
    • Excellent performance even at low voltage.
    • Special sand guard used to prevent ingress of solids or foreign particles.


    • Agricultures
    • Bungalows
    • High-rise buildings
    • Industries
    • Irrigation
    • Garden