Horizontal Open Well Submersible Pump

  • Specification

    Horizontal open well submersible pump set these single stage Centrifugal pump are ideally suitable for open well where there is wide fluctuation in water level. This works underwater & it rests at the well hence suction & priming problems do not arise. Prime mover motor is of wet type. Water lubricated water cooled rewind able motor. The stator is wound with special water proof bi-axially oriented synthetic film insulated winding wires.

    • Water filled submersible induction motor.
    • S.S. 202 Grade motor body
    • S.S. 431 Grade motor shaft
    • Winding wire is tapping type having high resisting insulating capacity up to 5000 v as per BIS Standard.
    • Stamping is made of CRNO M-45 grade sheet having high silicon percentage which minimum the iron losses.
    • Motor bush it is made of LTB-4 as per BIS Standard.

    - Rigid cast iron impellor & volute casing provide good efficiency & long life.
    - Compatible with low friction flexible hose pipes.

    - Sprinkler & drip irrigation
    - Pumping from sump for high rise building & industries
    - River & canal lift irrigation
    - Residential irrigation

    Technical details


    Bore Size



    Head Range

    Discharge Range


    Horizontal open well pump



    0.5HP to 7.5HP

    10-50 meter

    35-1200 LPM


    Plus point

    • An ISI mark products.
    • 30% lower power consumption.
    • Excellent performance even at low voltage.
    • High efficiency & low electricity cost.
    • Easy availability of spare parts.
    • Noiseless, easy to install, compact, requires minimum space.