• Diesel Engine Spares

    Diesel engines just like any other machine needs to replace spares due to wear and tear of parts and we do have solution to supply Diesel Engine spare parts for Diesel Engines, Generator set , Water Pumps etc.

    We can supply wide range of Lister-Petter spares and we carry a stock of some old and rare spare parts like Lister O/S 12HP, 14HP, 16HP, 18HP & TV-2 Engine Parts.

    Further we can also customize or procure diesel engine parts as per your sample, design, drawing etc.

    • Connecting Rod

    • Cylinder Blocks

    • Cylinder Liner – Sleeves

    • Cylinder heads

    • Camshaft Gears

    • Crankshaft Gears

    • Fuel Tanks

    • Camshafts

    • Valve Rocker

    • Bearings

    • Liner Piston Set

    • Oil Filters

    • Valve Tappet

    • Fuel Injections like Nozzle, Plunger, D.Valve

    • Engine Valve

    • Thrust Washers

    • Taper Roller Bearing

    • Exhaust Silencer

    • Crankcase

    • Fuel Pump

    • Valve Sets

    • Oil Seals

    • Valve Guide

    • Piston Pin

    • Piston

    • Piston Rings

    • Bushes

    • Air Cleaner

    • Fuel Filters

    • Fly wheel

    • Rocker Assembly & Parts